WEEK 7 ~ Living my New Reality

What an incredible week Week 7 has been on this Master Key Journey!  I hadn’t completed my movie poster from the previous Cillas MKMMA DMP Movie Posterweek, so I made a point of getting that done!

The conversations this week were such an amazing experience.  I am having fun letting people know that I have placed them in my future.  Not sure if they think I am crazy, but I don’t think they do.  I have yet to speak with my dear friend Linda in person about the morning conversations I have been having with her in my daily sit.  She knows about it because I messaged her about it; I cannot wait to share with her.  All of the tasks we are doing are in an effort to remove our “Old Blueprint” and replace it with our “New Blueprint”.  The one we design for ourselves.  The one that is our “Hearts Desires” ♥

Another one of the tasks this week was to record some of our daily affirmations, our DMP’s and scrolls.  This was very fun for me!  I loved it so much, I listen to it at night when I go to sleep, and listen when I wake in the morning.  What is so cool about this task, is that I was having a tough time fitting everything in, and this really made a RainbowBIG difference!  My background music is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.  A very calming, feel good song for me.  Puts a smile on my face and relaxes me just listening to the music itself.  Another really cool thing that happened with this, my tv in my bedroom is now off!  When I first met my husband over 23 years ago, he was a “tv on all night”  kind of guy, and still is!  Due to health reasons, he and I have not slept in the same bed for many years, and yet that tv was still on every night.  It was something I had gotten used to and couldn’t go to sleep without it on.  Not anymore!  I just play the song with my headphones on and go to sleep actually before it ends……such a peaceful end to my day.  This has to be the highlight of my week.

On many other levels, primarily work, it was a very tough week.  As you know, I have had a big financial lesson in my life recently, and the lessons just keep on coming.  I really should be a basket case blueprintright now, but I am not.  I do have my moments, but it is not paralyzing me as it would have in my past.  I’m taking that as a sign that my old blue print is further and further in the background, and my new blue print is on the verge of taking over!  PRAISE GOD ♥

On another cool note, I have been on TV and had other opportunities to share my Definite Major Purpose in life this week!  It feels good to get it out there into the Universe, and I soooo look forward to what is to come!

Until next week!  Peace be the be the journey, as Mark would say…..I now get it Mark J

There is no such thing as Luck, Chance or Coincidence! ♥

Priscilla L. Brooks, Entrepreneur at heart♥


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