Week 5 ~ Divine Intervention; my light within

All I can say is WOW WOW WOW!!!  And I thought Week 4 was a pivotal week.  It was just a stepping stone to this week.  Last week I had many struggles that were trying very hard to get me off track.  Very deep struggles, ones that were out of control, but in the end not out of my control.  I pressed on, even though it would have been easier to give up.

Today, during my sit, my time with my heavenly Father GOD ♥, so very much was revealed to me.  What I have been searching for all of my life…..the missing pieces.the light within me

You cannot give what you do not have; I didn’t quite get the entire meaning of this until today.

The more you give the more you get back; I didn’t quite get the entire meaning of this until today.

You see, I am a giver by nature.  I in the past, have had zero respect for money.  If you remember, last week I gained the respect of money as all money is given by my Heavenly Father GOD ♥  That was just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.  That opened the door to what was to come to me TODAY♥

the light within 2You see, I was giving what I did not have!  I was not taking care of ME.  I thought this was a selfish act to take care of me, but today I learned that in order to give I must take care of me.  It is not selfish but necessary.

Once I got this, so much emotion came crashing through me!  I was weeping uncontrollably, but it wasn’t a bad weeping but one full of rejoice!  Finally, the missing pieces!  Finally, I know exactly what I need to do to fulfill my hearts desires, and know in such a different way where they all come from.  It is the Lords desire that is placed in me, so therefore I must honor him and fulfill them all!

It’s funny, I remember Mark J saying, and others who have taken this Master Key Journey before me, that many things deep within them was revealed and it changed there life.  I really didn’t understand that completely, but how could I?  I didn’t know what was hidden deep within me that needed to be attended to.

What an amazing day this is!  And I rejoice in it!

There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence, or Luck♥

Priscilla L. Brooks, Entrepreneur at heart♥


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  1. Wow!! What an incredible experience! Congradulations.

    I, for most of my life, had buit my world based on the World Without, as I have always been a very giving person, often times (previous to understanding the importance of taking myself first) putting others before myself.

    While I received some temporary happiness from these acts of kindness. Deep down I was still dreadfully unhappy. I couldn’t understand why.

    It wasn’t really until I started some personal coaching, with a former MKMMA member, and really started delving deep into the self-discovery books, that I realized, I had it backward all along, I could really give my best to others, if I didn’t give my best to myself.

    The “A-ha” moment came for me in Week 4, where Haanel uses a house analogy to discribe the world within. As one, who used to sell real-estate, just then, the light came on! WOW! I had all this junk in my mental mansion, my palace, and it was in dire need of some cleaning and fixing up.

    So far, thanks to the MKMMA, my mental masion is starting to look what I truly envision it being.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂

    Onward and Upward,


    1. Rewa that is beautiful! I know exactly what you are talking about. Learning to take care of me first has never been in my reality. I too am a giver at heart, now I just need to continue on the path of taking care of me, so I can also take care of others! ♥

      1. Good Morning Cilla,

        Learning to take care of me, has been the greatest challenge of my MKMMA experience so far. I love being pushed up against my “comfort zone” and I am breaking through! With each successive read of the “Guy in the Glass” saying “I love you, Rewa Rukario” is getting easier.

        Enjoying the journey!

        Onward and Upward,


    1. Awwww….thanks Darren! To encourage someone else with my words, Wow! that is pretty cool. I will definitely check out your blog! ♥

  2. Good morning Pricilla. So, here’s how our morning usually goes–husband Glen brings into our bedroom our fresh, hot cup of coffee and we read our daily devotional (book, Jesus Calling) and scripture. We are amazed how it parrellels MKMMA. Then we usually open GS and have our morning read as our precious 20 lb dog cuddles between us in the bed. But today, I picked up my tablet and found you.
    I am so touched by your Press Release, your blogs, you. I am so grateful that I found you…but you and I both know how it came about, don’t we?!
    Have a blessed day dear friend. I am sure we will chat again…
    Marcia Underwood
    Camarillo, CA

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