WEEK 3 ~ FEAR; the Devil Within!

As I get through this Week 3 with the MKMMA, I am learning that FEAR is the devil within!  It must be terminated!  I read, and even listened to the audio of this weeks lesson, and it wasn’t until today that I really got it!

fear is a choiceWhy?  Because FEAR raised its ugly head and tried to take me down today!  I even broke down in tears and thought that I couldn’t take anymore, that I was going to lose my mind.  Seriously?  What else would this be, but FEAR!

So, I decided to eliminate FEAR!  I dug down deep and got caught up on my weekly lesson and guess what…..that feeling of desperation is gone.  It has been replaced with determination.  I prefer determination.  That feels like harmony which is what we are after.  All good is harmonious ♥

Do whatever it takes to eliminate FEAR out of your life!

You simply cannot obtain the life you vision, the dreams, the inner core of who you are with FEAR in your life.

I celebrate today, even though it could have been an incredibly sad day if I had given into this FEAR, the great part is that I did NOT!

I will WIN!

I will learn the new habits; replacing old negative habits with only new good habits.

My life is HARMONIOUS! ♥Harmony

There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence or Luck!
Priscilla L. Brooks ♥


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