WEEK 3 – 3 The Solar Plexus

Week 3 ~ The Solar Plexus; I just love this week. I do not remember “getting this” in my previous sessions.

In fact, I now know I have a place to control what I radiate!

So incredibly awesome to finally “get it”!

To know that there is this place within, and what we feed it, that is what will radiate. And we already know that what we give we get more of. So this is both an awesome way to create light, but can also create darkness if we do not properly feed it! So much care must be given always to our thoughts as our thoughts are what feed us.

I must say, this is very difficult to explain, as is most of the Master Key Experience

If I could properly impress upon those within my reach, the life changing experience this creates in your life, then I could help to change the world.

So if you are reading this blog, and are not currently in “The Master Key Experience”, or even if you are, share this with everyone you know. This class comes only once a year, and goes for 6 months straight, but you can follow my blog, and check out the blogroll of others in my class. Follow us as we blog about our experience, and get excited for next year! And do not let anything keep you from joining us the next time it opens up!

Remember, there is no such thing as Luck, or Coincidence!

Follow your Bliss, your Dharma, your Compass

Blessings and Love to all

Let’s Connect!

Priscilla L. Brooks



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