WEEK 2-3 Law of Dual Thought

While I love the Law of Dual Thought, this has been a tough week.  Dual thought allows us to attach any feeling to an experience,  situation, etc.  I absolutely love this and yet my old blueprint is getting in the Way!  I am the observer, and know exactly what is going on more than ever this session.

I am so “in tune” when I  do my daily sit, it is an experience that is very difficult to explain; it is utterly amazing!

And yet my stubby is fighting me harder than ever!!!

I am determined, and I will win; better yet…I am winning!

Chore cards, and blue rectangles were assigned this week.  I have struggled with these in previous  sessions, and this week was no different.  I am going to add a couple of more readings of the DMP and Chore cards until it is a new habit.  I know mastering this will bring amazing breakthroughs and perhaps is exactly what I need to chip away the cement of my old blueprint.

The Chore itself  was no problem,  in fact I was a bit obsessed to get it done.  Such an accomplished feeling to have my Chore done.  Isn’t this wall amazing?

So as the end of week 2 approaches, I am making adjustments so I can take advantage of every bit of this training!

I  am winning with the Law of Dual Thought ~ and the passion, the burning desire to succeed!

Remember,  there is no such thing as Luck, or Coincidence!

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  1. Love the wall, Love the blogs! Your posts remind me of the Hero’s Journey – you go through the MKE course and learn and grow, then your new, higher level of being becomes normal, and you get to do it again (and again). Keep up the great work!

    All the best,

    1. Thank you so much Joel! It is so true. The MKE is so amazing, and I am on my 3rd time around, and just as you said, going to a much higher level indeed ♥

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