Week 2-2 MKMMA 2015 “Desire” My Power Within

As I put Week 2 behind me for a second time, I am enjoying the experience so much more than the 1st time.  Not because it is really any different, but because I am different.

I am still fighting my “old blueprint”, and yet this time I celebrate that.  Celebrate?  Yes, because my subconscious mind is fighting me so hard on replacing good habits for bad ones, I know I am soooo close to making it happen.  My DESIRE is far greater than any bad habits that have been dug deep into my subconscious mind.  And,  all I have to do is continue my readings and stay the course and I WIN!  Just around the corner is my “new life”!  The one that I want, the one I already have ♥  Why?  Because I believe it, I already see it, it is mine!

So here is to staying the course, to reading my passion, my definite major purpose in life every day until my Good Habits have been set in stone, never to leave that mysterious place that never sleeps.  That place that controls my heart, my blood flow, everything that sustains Life!

And I now have the POWER!  The Divine POWER I was born with, the POWER we all have.

“There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence, or Luck”

Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart

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