WEEK 18 ~ Choose Happiness!

What a week indeed…..this seems to be a recurring event for me!  So awesome ♥

choose happiness 5This week I have learned so very much about life, how it all works together, and my deeper purpose in it all.  I feel a turning point in my life this week.

One of our assignments for our off week was to watch one of two different documentaries.  I chose “I Am” first.  Not sure why, perhaps because it was meant to be?  I had to pay to watch it and the other option I could watch on Netflix.  But I was compelled to watch this one.  Wow is all I can say.  This documentary has changed my life forever!  I found myself sobbing during this movie.  It wasn’t sadness, it was just so emotional for me.

Here is a trailer……..check it out!

Soooo, this week my message for you is to “CHOOSE HAPPINESS”!  Sounds simple right?  And yet some will react by saying, “Sure, whatever you say”.  But the truth is this, it takes less energy to be happy then it does to be sad, angry, negative.  Not only that, but those who are “Happy” perform better in whatever they do.  So wouldn’t you want to choose to be Happy every day?  It really is merely a choice….make it today!choose happiness 2

One more thing before you go…….quit saying or thinking that if only you had that new promotion, that new car, that new house….whatever the case may be, those “things” will not bring you happiness.  You must first choose to be “Happy”, and then all others things you will have.  We have been trained to this backwards thinking.  It is not your fault!  However, now that you know this…….you must “CHOOSE HAPPINESS”!

I choose happinessBe blessed this week my friend!  Until we meet again next week…..have only love in your heart! ♥

There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence or Luck!

Priscilla L. Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart ♥




6 Replies to “WEEK 18 ~ Choose Happiness!”

  1. Your energy and vitality shows through with radiance!! I can FEEL your choice to be happy coming through your writing!! Your brightness will shine and make a ripple effect on others! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the reminder — even if others aren’t choosing happiness, we can always be the good example, and almost everyone will respond to a friendly happy smile. Now I have to go find the “I Am” movie.

    1. Oh Mary Lou….it is a very emotional movie….in a good way! At least it was for me. Talk about an
      “Ah Ha” moment. It tore into my very soul. I hope you enjoy it. ♥

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