WEEK 17 HJ ~ Are you answering your call?

What an amazing week……actually they are all amazing!  I cannot tell you just how much this journey has changed my life.  It’s so funny, we go to see “motivational speakers” in hopes to change our lives, when we already have everything we need inside us!  We were born with it!  Perhaps you just need to find it like I did.

During our session last Sunday, Mark J shared the video below with us about Aimee Mullins.  Take a look……

I decided to research this gal a bit, and she is such a great example of how we are in control of our destiny.

Every bad thing or situation that we come across is not a stumbling stone…..No, indeed it is just another opportunity to answer the call!  As Aimee puts it…..it is her unfair advantage.  How cool is that?

You were born perfect, the perfect YOU!  Can you see that?  You are perfect just the way you you are perfect stoneare!  Everything you need you already have!

Do you remember as a child how you had such an amazing imagination and it didn’t matter what was “supposed” to happen….right?  You had all of these amazing ideas of what and who you wanted to be.  Do you remember what yours were?  By now, I am sure your ideas of what or who you want to be are a bit different, but what you are not doing is imagining….tapping into that inner light of yours!

If Aimee and her story inspires you even just a little bit, go research and watch her journey….it is awesome!

life is a journey little girlThen, embrace your journey of life. Everything happens for a reason. Don’t be afraid.  Sometimes we get discouraged because something doesn’t turn out the way we wanted it to, but that’s just because it wasn’t supposed to happen that way.  Embrace that and just get excited for what is to come!  Sadness and sorrow have no place in your life……love yourself and others. Have only love in your heart, and give to give!  The rest will just fall in to place.

There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence or Luck ♥

Priscilla L. Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart♥


5 Replies to “WEEK 17 HJ ~ Are you answering your call?”

  1. Priscilla, thanks for the call to action in the Hero’s Journey, and to embrace the difficulties and disappointments as our greatest opportunities as we’re taught in Og scroll V. Well done!

  2. Oh Priscilla, your post got me fired up! Reading your wonderful post was almost like I was reading my thoughts. So happy for you and your Journey. Enjoy.

  3. Thank you for sharing! Great post! about Aimee Mullins is amazing! This video is definitely worth watching more than once! Thanks!

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