WEEK 14 ~ “Rudy”

Daniel EugeneRudyRuettiger (born August 23, 1948) is a motivational speaker who played college football at the University of Notre Dame. His early life and career at Notre Dame was the inspiration for the 1993 film Rudy.Rudy being carried back to the locker room

We were tasked to watch one of 4 movies this week.  It is so funny, but my husband and I had watched several movies during this holiday and here it is Sunday and now we need to watch another movie.  I know, I am easily amused, but we had watched a few movies already about “Football”, but for some reason I chose to watch the movie “Rudy”.

It is a movie, based on a true story about a young man who always wanted to attend Notre Rudy showing how much smaller his isDame and play on the football team.  Now, many things/obtacles were stacked against him.  For one, he didn’t have the grades to attend Notre Dame.  And, he was not a large guy, quite small actually in physical size.  But what Dan Ruettiger  lacked in physical size, he made up for in his shear will and determination to get his hearts desire.

When in his senior year a bus was there to take seniors to see the Notre Dame campus, Dan Ruettiger stood in line and when he got to the front of the line, the teacher would not let him on.  He was told that he would never have the grades to attend Notre Dame.

So, rather than giving up, he saved up money and took a bus to Indiana.  He had nowhere to stay, but he went right to the campus and spoke with the guard on duty.  The guard sent him to the church to speak with the priest.  The priest ended up telling him that if he went to the local community college and made grades, he would see if he could get him in.

I believe it took him 2 years if I remember correctly, and he got his chance to get in.  This was quite an amazing accomplishment all by itself, but that was not the end.  Dan Ruettiger had to play on the football team.  He walked on and trained and never ever gave up.  What some Rudy with letterman jacketthought of as a fluke, Dan got on the team as a Senior walk-on, but was thought to never have the chance to play.  Still, he never gave up.  He had befriended the grounds keeper and worked for him.  His friend back home had bought him a “Notre Dame” lettermans jacket from a thrift store many years before, and he had worn it long before he ever made it to Notre Dame.  He believed that he would reach his goal.  And even though he had all of the cards stacked against him, he still persisted on.

I really enjoyed watching this coach and how he mentored these young men.   One thing I noticed, was as the players were running out of the locker room, they would all tap on the signs on the wall referring to them as champions, winners!  (Ha, this is rudy and the groundskeeperexactly what one of our assignments are!  Our mind is an amazing tool that we seldom if ever tap into.)   And, the grounds keeper ended up to be his greatest motivator of all!  Dan Ruettiger almost gave up in the end.  Boy, he had surrounded himself with all of the elements that would keep him “in the game” so to speak.  Take a look at this video, where finally he got on the roster, but never ever did he think he would actually play…..it only meant he would stand on the side lines suited up.

Everyone on that team had watched him persist regardless of his size.  Seeing how huge his will and determination was……and in that last few plays of the game, the teammates and then the crowd were all chanting “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy”!  So, he not only got to play, but he actually sacked the quarterback in the last play of the game.


Here is a video I found that show the “real” Rudy Ruettiger walking you through the movie and I get chills as I watch it remembering the movie…..

This is such an example and inspiration to us all.  Do you have a burning desire?  Have you ever even asked yourself what your internal gifts are?  You are perfect just as you are, and your dreams, your burning desires are yours and yours alone.  Only you are the perfect “you”.  Don’t give up on your gifts, the world is waiting for you!  Dan  Ruettiger had to overcome so much to obtain his goals and now is a motivational speaker; does that surprise you at all?

Share with us!  Dig deep and find your inner light, your God given gifts!

There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence, or luck! ♥

Priscilla L. Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart♥

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