WEEK 13 ~ Life after Loss

After losing my only son to suicide in May of 2005, Christmas and Mother’s Day have become a mom by the fire rememberingthe hardest times of my life.  Every day is tough, but it is near unbearable during these times.

Last year a new tradition was formed with my niece and nephew Janel and Zachary.

We spend the afternoon/evening together….we start with the movies and then go to dinner.  It is so perfect because it is as if we have the town to ourselves!  No crowds, and quality time together.  This year was no exception.  We brought along my mom this year, and had an amazing time!  We always start at xmas eve 2014 at the moviesthe movies, and of course they get to pick the movie.  So far it hasn’t been a movie I would go to myself, but I enjoy just being with them as they enjoy the movie.  Afterwards we headed for pizza.xmas eve 2014  Very yummy and had some great conversation as usual.  We dropped off grammy and headed to go race go carts…..oops!  They were closed; darn it!  But I manage to coax Zach into taking another pic with me…..Janel didn’t want any part of it!

xmas eve 2014 me and zach

Such an amazing day, and I had managed to do so well this year…..then, Christmas Day and Facebook.  Let’s just say that is not a good combination for me.  While I absolutely love seeing all of the festivities, it just makes it too hard on me.  It just reminds me that my son is no longer with me.  So, I went into diversion mode.  Now, some may not think that is a good thing, but I will tell you that I get through these tough days in any manner that I can.

So, my hubby and I watched movies all day.  You would think he might get some that were uplifting, happy, etc.  But no, he managed to get tear jerkers….lol  He knows what I like, and they were awesome movies, but come on with all of the tears already.  I have been a bit paralyzed since Christmas, but I have learned to allow myself this time to re group and seek strength in it.  So today, I am strong!  I am ready to make the changes in my life to get exactly what I want.  Nothing in the way of my success, and reaching all of my goals through my “DMP” (Definite Major Purpose)  It is so awesome to know exactly where I am headed, and therefore know whether or not something I want to do will fulfill this goal.  Makes life so much easier to manage.

Find your DMP and your inner gifts!  Share them with the world….they are waiting for you!  And, remember to have only LOVE in your heart ♥

There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence or Luck ♥

Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart♥


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