WEEK 12 ~ Blessings

I begin my Week 12 with 2 of my favorite people, my niece and nephew Janel and Zachary.  Janel is in the Choir and had her Christmas Program.  What a delight to see her perform.  She is such a beautiful young lady.Janels xmas choir performance

The Christmas Choir program fell on December 15th, and my nephew Zachary’s birthday was the very next day so we went to Red Robin to celebrate his birthday a little early.  He doesn’t really like his picture to be taken, unless of course he is on his dirt bike in full gear, airborne!  But he took his very first selfie with his “Aunt C” ♥  That’s what they call me 🙂

selfie with zachary at his bday dinner

I spent the first 3 months of each of their lives with me at my mortgage offices.  We bonded deeply, and they will always have a huge part of my heart!

Such a blessing it was to me to spend this quality time with them.




Fresno SOS logo

On Tuesday, December 16th,  I was with fellow survivors of suicide loss.  I lit a candle for my son Cliff, and hearing all of these amazingly beautiful people speak about how they didn’t know how they would have survived their loss without Fresno SOS, just fueled my motivation to continue to support this organization.Cliff and his cowboy hat cropped

Christmas is a very tough time of the year for anyone who has lost a loved one. ♥  I am so grateful to be able to help others, which in turn helps me as well.  I wouldn’t wish this pain on even my enemy, but I am so thankful that I can help in some manner.

Be kind to your loved ones, hug them often, and make sure they know just how much you love them! ♥

Now, bring only LOVE to all of your holiday gatherings…..leave all of the hurt, the anger, and anything else that might get in the way of spending quality time with your family and friends.

I know first-hand that none of us are promised tomorrow, so make the best of your today’s!

There is no such thing as chance, luck or coincidence! ♥

Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at heart♥


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