WEEK 12-2 Tough week for me

Week 12, the week building up to the holidays, the week I finalize the video I will present to all who have lost a child.

The Annual Candle Lighting Ceremony is on Sunday December 13th and it takes many hours for me to put the online presentation that I have now done for the past 4 years

It is actually bittersweet.  It helps me as I give this to all who feel the pain of the loss of a child a I do….if only I help ease just a bit of the pain for just one mother….that is beautiful ♥

I have been listening to Joyce Meyers this week, and so many thoughts going on in my head.

Many things she mentions I am already doing…..Awesome!  And then there are things she says that gives me some meaningful Ah-Ha moments♥  And what is so beautiful about these moments is God always gives me an opportunity to share with someone needing to hear the very words I have heard.  I cannot put into words how special that truly is.

I have shared my video below….it is just a link as You Tube will not allow me to host there because of the music on this video.  I always put in my description that this video is one that is for families grieving the loss of a child, and I in no way benefit financially from it.  But they block me.  Share it with someone you know who may be suffering the loss of a child as well.  The holidays are the toughest I can assure you.  Much love to you all! ♥

Cliff’s Story, Inc.  2015 Online Candle Lighting Ceremony

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  1. I have lost a son, to cancer when he was 11. One of the biggest trajedies of life is to loose a child.
    Looking at things from an eternal perspective, we can see that God allowed this to happen, and that everything that happens can polish up up and make us bettter or worse. You are getting better, as am I, or we wouldn’t be in this course.
    In comparison to eternity, our lives are a short time, a blink of aneye. Blink your eye, and compare the time it takes to our lives, a blink of an eye.
    We can resolve to control our thoughts, and are commanded to do so in the bible.
    2Co_10:5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

    Turn our troubled thoughts and griefs over to God, and move forward in the light

    1. Thank you Roy! Indeed, the loss of a child will test you in ways you could never possibly imagine. I choose to be as whole as I possibly can, living without my son, honoring his name and helping others in a way I was not able to help him. So sorry for your loss my friend, I truly understand your pain♥

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