WEEK 4-2 “I” Who and what is “I”?

As we ponder and search for the answer to this “I” question, Who and what is “I”?, so much more is being revealed in God’s master plan for me.gods master plan

So many more details are crystallizing.  I had some very rough days last week after my “Breakthrough”.  At first I thought I was being attacked by the “Enemy”, and then, after our weekly webcast and the amazing video we watched, it became quite clear to me.  It was my “old blueprint” that I was fighting with.  As crazy as it may sound, that was a relief indeed!  Why?  Because I already know I am in control of all of this!  I created, or better said, I allowed the old blueprint to form so I can absolutely change that blueprint.  Is it easy?  Heck no!  But is it worth the effort, the struggle, the triumph? YES YES YES it is ♥

give and manifest loveThis is my second time around in this journey and WOW seems to be the only word that continues to come to mind.  It is all so very intense!  And I LOVE it!  Yes, I truly LOVE it.  If you were on this journey with me you would know that we must have LOVE in our heart and without this LOVE, the LOVE of all humankind, we will not be in harmony.  Folks we are all connected, everything, every cell on this planet, it is all alive!  Embrace it, LOVE it! ♥

“There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence or Luck♥

Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart♥

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Week 3-2 MKMMA 2015 Breakthrough!

Ahh yes, a few days into Week 3 and I have an amazing Breakthrough!!!

blueprintJust as I suspected, the tough push back from my “old blueprint” was just the sign that I was on the verge of success!

I am doing the reading of “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino and it is amazing!  It is different for sure….lol  I had asked my husband Sunday evening to get me some batteries for a small flashlight I had in my hand.  Last night he caught me reading with my flashlight…he asked “What are you doing?”  I said, reading!  Ahhhh, he said, “that is why you wanted that flashlight”.

My husband over the years has learned to just “go with it”!  He knows I have Me and my hubby at bryns weddingalways been the “Believer”.  When I tell of the grand things that I am going to do or have, he never questions me.  Why?  Because he has watched me in action!  When I believe and claim what I want, it materializes.  Now this was all long before my training of the “Master Keys” with MKMMA.  So you see, we all have what we need already, we were all born with it.  The key is to find it beneath all of the cement.

Yesterday was Monday, you know that day that everyone dreads, and it was an absolutely amazing day for me!

I am proud to say I am “all-in”, and I am so excited for what is to come!

Just this morning for example:  In my daily readings of my DMP, I state that I wake every morning at 5am to start my day….well I went to bed late last 5 am on the clocknight…and my hubby asks me every morning what time do you want to wake up?  He is usually my alarm clock, and 5:30 is my “normal” awake time.  I have changed it to 5am so I can get my 15 min sit and other inspirations done in the morning before I have to leave for work.  Well, this morning, even after getting to bed late….boom 5am and I am awake!  My husband even asked, “why are you up so early?”  I said, its 5am, I told you that is when I wanted to wake up 🙂

That is just a small example of what is to come when you reach the subconscious and tell it what you want!  That is all you have to do….it does not reason, or decide, it just does.  Unfortunately it does take some aggressive suggestion to replace what you have told it to be truth over so many years.  But it can happen and it is happening to me right now!  Yahoo!

Let go of fear my friends, it is holding back the many blessings that you are meant to have!  Find your bliss!  Believe that what is meant to be will be….as long as we stay out of the way of progress and just let it happen

Have a blessed week!

Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart

“There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence or Luck

Let’s Connect ~ CillasMKMMA@gmail.com