Week 2-4 Subby and Silence

Week 2-4 Subby and Silence

I have definitely made some breakthroughs this week!  Boy has it been a challenge.  It is so interesting how tough it can be to break the cycle of what the subby thinks is good.  But we have spent years proving that our habits are good and that we should do them at all cost.  So  really we shouldn’t be surprised at just how tough it is to change a habit that the subby is protecting so strongly.

I have always had a challenge with reading.  Not sure why….after all I buy books all of the time.  Crazy that someone would buy books all of the time even when they are not a “reader”.  I don’t know why I do it.  My point is that doing my daily readings of the scrolls has always in the past 3 sessions, been a challenge for me.  And this time around it isn’t any different.  Well, the challenging part isn’t different, but what is different is my burning desire.

I have always had my DMP very clear in my mind, but the burning desire part was one that perhaps wasn’t as burning as I thought it was.  I say this because while I always wanted many things to be different in my life, I hadn’t actually made the change in habits to make that happen.

This time around, my burning desire is that even though I lost my only son Cliff to suicide in May of 2005, I will be a grandma any day now  That is a story in and of itself, but let’s just say that when you have grieved for years about not only the loss of your only child, but also that you would never be a grandma, being blessed with my little Jayden is all I can think about.

I must make changes in my life.  You see, she lives in Boise ID and I in California.  I am leaving next Tuesday to travel to Boise ID in the hopes that while I am there over the 2 weeks I am in Boise ID, she will be born and I can spend some quality bonding time with her.  I actually picture rocking her in her bedroom in the quiet dark room, and her Grandma Sarah, my dear friend to whom we lost to cancer in 2011, is present with us

The thought of leaving her is already breaking my heart and I haven’t even met her yet.  I must get everything in place so I can replace my day job with a business that gives me the ability to travel.  I will not miss the only opportunity I will have to experience the joy of being a grandma

So as I pushed myself harder and harder this week, it was so upsetting that I was still struggling to get my daily sit in….and there was always something that would keep me from doing my readings.  And then, it finally clicked within me.  You see, I know from experience that everything is in the silence.  And yet I wasn’t doing my daily sit and readings.  But I broke through!  I got a sit in and wept as so much was revealed to me.  My wish, my new obsession was to do this daily sit no matter what.  A few days it didn’t actually happen in the morning, but I got it in during the day.  Which is so funny, because in the past any or all of my missed readings were actually at the noon hour.  I work crazy and non stop and this was my excuse in the past.  Well no longer.  Some days my readings didn’t happen until almost the end of the day, but it was after my meal/lunch and I got it in.

I am so thrilled to have achieved these observations and also broken through the subby controlling my actions.  I know this is not a time to get relaxed.  In fact I must continue to press on.  I know that everything I need, want, desire, is in the silence.  So I have made it an obsession, one that I absolutely cannot miss!

Much more is becoming clear as to how and what I need to do to fulfill this immediate need to replace my current day job.  I am good at what I do, and love the people I work with.  But it has served its purpose to me and it is time to move into the next chapter of my life.

How could I not be completely thrilled to have such an awareness…..it gives me new energy and the push I need to get through each and every day without doing something to move me closer to this achievement.

I am so blessed to be on this journey, and only wish more of my friends and loved ones would hop on board and get all they want out of life as well

Onto the next week of this amazing journey…..so fun to share it to the world as I make it through to the next breakthrough

See you all next week!

Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart

WEEK 9-2 “Law of Growth”

“Law of Growth”; “Whatever we think about grows.   What we forget about atrophies”

Wow!  We have been reading about the “Seven Laws of the Mind” for several weeks now.  But this week, it is starting to manifest in my life.  So very exciting indeed!

Let me explain.  So just for a minute, let’s think about this for a minute, really think about it!  First of all, if what we forget atrophies, by golly I do not want to forget about all of the successes in my life, the positive things that happen daily!

law of growth beautiful fieldNow lets spin that around, if what we think about grows, then perhaps we need a shift in our life?  Do not surround yourself in the negative.  It is unfortunately the norm for many.  We need to make our thinking positive 90% of the day, because after all, what we think about GROWS!!!  Right!  Do you want more of the positive or the negative in your life?  Exactly! ♥

Let me give you an example of what happened to me yesterday.  I have been sick, doesn’t happen often but there you go.  I was talking to a girlfriend and she was having a bad day, left work because she was in such a bad mood because everything that day had been “Bad”.  I reminded her that we must let go of the negative and think of all the personal successes we have daily.  While she was dwelling on the negative/bad things that were happening in her day, until she released them they would continue to grow!! Wow!! where did that come from?  It is the Practice, the daily readings, the seeds being planted in my subconscious.♥  And then this morning, in my morning sit, “The Law of Growth” yes, I get it now….simple but getting it into your subconscious working 24/7 not so simple unless you are doing the hard work of planting it into your subconscious mind and believing it with every fiber of your being!

Such an amazing journey, even better the 2nd time around!

I am so grateful for my MKMMA experience! ♥

“There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence or Luck ♥

Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart ♥

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Wow!  Every week of this journey yet another nugget is revealed.

This week, Mark J has challenged us to “Get Silent with Ourselves”!

silence with rocks cropped


At first my thought was, hey…I do this every day!  But as he went on to explain, it became very clear to me that while my daily 15 sit is important, it is not nearly long enough to find ME.

So, as many others, my thoughts began to be of why I could not make this happen.  So thankful it wasn’t just me.  And then, I shifted to thinking about how I was going to make this happen!

What exactly is this weeks challenge?  It is about getting silent with yourself for as long as you can fit it into your schedule.  No internet, No TV, No cell phones, No texting, No talking…..SILENCE♥   Nothing at all that would distract you in any way!  Mark J would love for us to do a 4-5 day silence, but I think for many of us, we need to do this in baby steps.  And, I see myself making this part of my monthly routine.  A time to get silent with myself. ♥

You see, we all get caught up in “the noise”.  So, we never stop long enough to listen to our hearts desire!  Our inner light that knows all.Technology the noise

I look forward to my first “long sit” in silence, and have no doubt that much will be revealed.  As with many of us, my life is scheduled for the next 3 weeks or so, but I am going to calendar in my first “Sit in Silence” and make that my normal routine.  I look forward to working my way up to the 4-5 day sit in silence.  Perhaps that will be my annual routine 🙂

Have a beautiful day my friends, and get silent with yourself as soon as possible! ♥God has given you today

“Live today as if there were no tomorrow”♥


There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence or Luck♥

Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart♥