WEEK 3 ~ FEAR; the Devil Within!

As I get through this Week 3 with the MKMMA, I am learning that FEAR is the devil within!  It must be terminated!  I read, and even listened to the audio of this weeks lesson, and it wasn’t until today that I really got it!

fear is a choiceWhy?  Because FEAR raised its ugly head and tried to take me down today!  I even broke down in tears and thought that I couldn’t take anymore, that I was going to lose my mind.  Seriously?  What else would this be, but FEAR!

So, I decided to eliminate FEAR!  I dug down deep and got caught up on my weekly lesson and guess what…..that feeling of desperation is gone.  It has been replaced with determination.  I prefer determination.  That feels like harmony which is what we are after.  All good is harmonious ♥

Do whatever it takes to eliminate FEAR out of your life!

You simply cannot obtain the life you vision, the dreams, the inner core of who you are with FEAR in your life.

I celebrate today, even though it could have been an incredibly sad day if I had given into this FEAR, the great part is that I did NOT!

I will WIN!

I will learn the new habits; replacing old negative habits with only new good habits.

My life is HARMONIOUS! ♥Harmony

There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence or Luck!
Priscilla L. Brooks ♥


Week 2 ~ You Were Born to Succeed

We were all Born to Succeed.  Remember back when you had no walls up, no barriers as to what you could do in life?

Our minds are incredible….if you learn to control the subconcious mind, you will have the POWER.

Take a look at this video to get a glimpse of what I am talking about…


What gifts are you holding back?

Don’t be average, you have GREATNESS with you!

You are in charge! Decide today to do whatever it takes to break through all of those barriers. You are in control, nobody else can do it for you!

There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence or Luck!

Priscilla Brooks ♥



Week 2 ~ Do You Know What Your “Hearts Desire” Is? ♥

GRATITUDE QUOTE croppedAs I am working through Week 2, I am so grateful for what is already happening in my life because of this journey.

It’s funny, during my sit yesterday morning I was so excited; you see, the things on my DMP, the things that get me up to face the world every day with excitement, they are in fact my “Hearts Desires” ♥.  The funny part is that I believe deep within me that everything on my DMP not only will happen, but I already see it as if it were done.  And yet, when it happens, WOW, there is nothing like that feeling.  I cannot even attempt to describe this amazing feeling to you.your hearts desire

All I can do is impress upon you the urgent need to find out who you really are, what your “Hearts Desire” is and work towards that.  If you do that, you will have no other choice than to succeed!

I came across this video, and as I watched and listened to it, I found myself noticing things that were being said that of course I had heard before, but now, they are received differently.

Until you experience a journey such as this, my words will only sound crazy to you…..you will not be able to relate.

But just for a moment, revert back to when you were a child, when you believed you could be anything you wanted to be.  Can you remember that time…..can you remember what you wanted to do or be?  Search your soul and feed it, you will be a blessing to everyone around you including yourself!

Priscilla Brooks ♥



Week 1 ~ And so it begins! Master Key System MKMMA

And so it begins…..

Week 1 and already my old blueprint is trying to take over.

What does this mean?  Well, I am “all-in”, but my old blueprint keeps fighting to keep me in check.  I have precise directions as to what my daily tasks are in order to accomplish my goals and yet I keep falling back to my old ways.

and so it beginsWhat are my old ways?  I’m too tired to read tonight; laying my head on my pillow at night and then realizing I have not completed my reading; not getting up early enough or giving myself time to do my morning read and sit; skipping lunch at work and therefore not getting my reading in.

Now, today, I am up early ready to go and I know the reason for this is because even though I missed my sit and reading yesterday morning, and my lunch time reading, I went to bed early; got in my reading and turned the volume all the way down on the tv in the bedroom so it would not interfere with my sub conscious taking all of that “good stuff” in I had just read and starting the change in my old blueprint.

I know that nothing will change overnight, but I will tell you that even though I have yet to do this perfectly, never missing an appointment with myself, still I get amazing results.  Can you imagine what would happen if I made every appointment.

What is very interesting to me is that I am a person of high ethics, never would I dream of not fulfilling my commitments to others, and yet I am faltering with my commitment to myself?  This is the power of your old blueprint.  You must feed it with what YOU want, and fight through all of the reasons why it tells you that you cannot fulfill this commitment.  The crazy part is that I knew this would angry womanhappen, and yet it is so powerful that I have missed a few of my appointments with myself.  This made me angry, so I took some steps yesterday afternoon to change all of this.  I put into my outlook calendar all of my appointments with myself!  I will win!

I will persist until I succeed Og MandinoI am so committed to the outcome of my trainings with MKMMA and I will change my life forever because I will change my bad habits for good ones and continue the search for the beauty within me. ♥

Until next week……

Priscilla L. Brooks



The Greatest Salesman in the World ~ Og Mandino

One of our requirements for the 6 month course “Master Key MasterMind Alliance”, was to purchase the book “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino.  Actually, the precise requirement is to purchase 2 of them and if we already have one to purchase another one.    Well I am happy to report that my 2nd book is on its way!


Still waiting for  my application to be approved……uggghh!

Seriously it has just barely been 24 hours, but things are already starting to fall into place.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever that I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing at this very moment.

smiley faceIt brings on such a sense of peace! (And a ton of excitement!)

So, I will definitely get a post out just as soon as I hear the word that my application has been approved!  Seriously I already see it, so I will be shocked if it is not approved, but the waiting is agonizing….LOL 🙂

Until then, take care and we will chat soon!

“There is no such thing as Chance or Coincidence”♥

Priscilla L. Brooks



Master Key System ~ I am ready!

I have completed my checklist of items necessary to complete my online application, and now we just sit and wait to see if I am accepted.OFFICE MAX

I am so excited, I am going to go home tonight and start cleaning up my office so I have not only a clear mind, but also a very peaceful place to soak up all of the goodness that is coming my way.

And, guess what……this course will end on my 22nd Wedding Anniversary!  Pretty cool huh?  As you know, I do not believe in Chance or Coincidence so this is just another sign that I am where I am supposed to be at the exact right time.

I am so anxious to break down those walls that have kept me from my “Best” self.  I cannot wait to share the “Best” of me with the world.  And, I am so blessed to have this incredible opportunity.

go 90 growI actually began this journey last year with “Go 90 Grow”.  I took the class 3 different times, and never actually made it to the end.  That’s right…I’m admitting right here, right now!  Oh, there were reasons, but we all know that all that really boils down to is our “Old Blueprint” taking over.  I am tired of that happening!  Enough I say!  🙂

However, I did make so many positive changes in my life from what I did actually make it through.  I know that this challenge; “The Master Key System” is going to be even more intense, but I am now in control of my time.  Because of “Go 90 Grow”, I was able to move out of my comfort zone and go out on my own on commission only.  While this has its challenges, it is where my heart is.  Being at the beck and call of someone else is just not where I am meant to be.  I am now in charge of my own destiny, and I am ready!

So, hopefully you will get something out of my posting throughout this amazing journey.

“There is no such thing as Chance or Coincidence”!

Priscilla L. Brooks



And so the Journey Begins!

Today I have embarked on a Journey that will literally change my life.

I hope you enjoy watching this transformation as I journal about it in this blog, as much as I enjoy doing it.

Who knows, it may inspire you to take a journey yourself!

“There is no such thing as Coincidence or Luck”

Priscilla L. Brooks