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Cillas pub shot 1My name is Priscilla L. Brooks, and I live in Kingsburg, CA  I have a Plan “B” that includes me retiring on or before January 1, 2020.  Now I really don’t like to refer to it as “retiring” as I know my entrepreneurial spirit will continue on past that date, and most likely until the end of my time here on earth.

I am passionate about building wealth for myself, while helping others to do the same.  We have all been through a season of great loss, and at times may feel that we lost our chance to enjoy the “Good Life”.  I am hear to tell you that is most certainly not the case as long as you have a “Passion”, a “Burning Desire” to accomplish these desires.

My passion is a non-profit I have put together in memory of my son Cliff Cliff and his cowboy hat cropped Cliff’s Story, Inc.  I lost my son to suicide in May of 2005.  In addition to the non-profit already in place, the Foundation I am establishing will consist of a 40 acre ranch, a safe place for young adults with mental illness to live and learn trades/skills so they will become self-sufficient.  All of my sons favorite things will be on this ranch including an animal rescue, a fishing pond, etc.  We will have banquet facilities, grow alfalfa hay for our horses, etc.  In addition, we will have 40 rental properties that will fund this ranch, and also teach another several sets of trade skills.  I see some of these young adults becoming leaders on this ranch as they heal and then become hope for others as well.

Lets get to know each other….I do not believe in chance, coincidence, or luck…..we were meant to connect!

Have a blessed day!

Priscilla L. Brooks

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