Master Key System ~ I am ready!

I have completed my checklist of items necessary to complete my online application, and now we just sit and wait to see if I am accepted.OFFICE MAX

I am so excited, I am going to go home tonight and start cleaning up my office so I have not only a clear mind, but also a very peaceful place to soak up all of the goodness that is coming my way.

And, guess what……this course will end on my 22nd Wedding Anniversary!  Pretty cool huh?  As you know, I do not believe in Chance or Coincidence so this is just another sign that I am where I am supposed to be at the exact right time.

I am so anxious to break down those walls that have kept me from my “Best” self.  I cannot wait to share the “Best” of me with the world.  And, I am so blessed to have this incredible opportunity.

go 90 growI actually began this journey last year with “Go 90 Grow”.  I took the class 3 different times, and never actually made it to the end.  That’s right…I’m admitting right here, right now!  Oh, there were reasons, but we all know that all that really boils down to is our “Old Blueprint” taking over.  I am tired of that happening!  Enough I say!  🙂

However, I did make so many positive changes in my life from what I did actually make it through.  I know that this challenge; “The Master Key System” is going to be even more intense, but I am now in control of my time.  Because of “Go 90 Grow”, I was able to move out of my comfort zone and go out on my own on commission only.  While this has its challenges, it is where my heart is.  Being at the beck and call of someone else is just not where I am meant to be.  I am now in charge of my own destiny, and I am ready!

So, hopefully you will get something out of my posting throughout this amazing journey.

“There is no such thing as Chance or Coincidence”!

Priscilla L. Brooks