WEEK 5-2 Opinions~Breakthroughs

This week, we were to give no “Opinions”.  In regards to “Opinions”, my week started off a bit slow.  I was thinking about it, and waiting for these “Opinions” to show up.  And of course they did, a few times indeed.  And it was tough….I really struggled with not giving them.  But the awareness I believe was the best part of the battle♥

What a strong start I had….everything was in line, I was doing all of my readings, etc.  And then…..I did another amazing thing….something that had soothed me since the loss of my son…..something I did every morning to wake up my brain and get my day started.  You see, Mark J had told us in many previous sessions noise and chatterthat we must get rid of the chatter…the noise if you will.  And I had made many changes this session that I simply refused to do last session.  I had been conditioned to have the TV on in the bedroom all night long.  In fact, our TV is never turned off.  This is a habit that my husband had, and it took quite a lot for me to get used to this habit of his.  But since it had become a habit, getting rid of it was tough, very tough.  While the TV is still on all night, there is not sound.  I turned it all the way down so I cannot hear it.  May sound simple, but this was huge.  But what I do every morning, without fail, is get on my tablet, check in on things on FB and then go to mind numbing games on FB.  I started this habit when I was in the deepest time of my grief.  I lost my son to suicide in May of 2005 (CliffsStory), and in 2007 my husband got a job in NV and we decided to move.  I was actually going to be traveling back and forth from CA to NV and keep my job as a Loan Officer in the Mortgage business, but that was just in time for the Mortgage Meltdown…..we lost our home to foreclosure, and I had to move to NV full time.  I was all alone most of the day, which was a bit strange for me.  I hadn’t really been on FB but this was how I made some friends, and got through a very tough time in my life.  In fact, I still have those same few friends that got me through the lonely times.  This mind numbing playing of games on FB helped me busy my mind with something that created a diversion from the pain.  Well, guess what?  I deleted every game off of my tablet this week.  Yep, I got tired of the time I was wasting.  Not just in the morning, but on the weekends, time that I could help myself reach my burning desires….I was on my tablet, diverting.
Breakdowns can create breakthroughs croppedThis was a huge breakthrough for me.  I felt so accomplished.  And then……

I had trouble sleeping 3 nights in a row, and the last of these 3 nights was the worst.  I had such an incredibly painful headache.  In fact, I hadn’t had anything like this happen to me since I lost my son.  Hmmmm…or better yet Wow!!!  Is it possible that I was feeling something that had been suppressed from back in 2005?  This coping mechanism, diversion, can keep you from truly getting through the process.  But wow, I was just amazed at the strength of all of this.

So, after a very tough week, I am still claiming victory!  Although I got side tracked on my readings and sits, I am still not playing those games.  And I am engaging in my home life.  Which is where I have had such an imbalance over the years.

I am pressing forward, and cannot wait for Week 6-2.

Stay tuned for the crazy and beautiful things that will happen to me this week.

There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence or Luck♥

Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart♥

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WEEK 4-2 “I” Who and what is “I”?

As we ponder and search for the answer to this “I” question, Who and what is “I”?, so much more is being revealed in God’s master plan for me.gods master plan

So many more details are crystallizing.  I had some very rough days last week after my “Breakthrough”.  At first I thought I was being attacked by the “Enemy”, and then, after our weekly webcast and the amazing video we watched, it became quite clear to me.  It was my “old blueprint” that I was fighting with.  As crazy as it may sound, that was a relief indeed!  Why?  Because I already know I am in control of all of this!  I created, or better said, I allowed the old blueprint to form so I can absolutely change that blueprint.  Is it easy?  Heck no!  But is it worth the effort, the struggle, the triumph? YES YES YES it is ♥

give and manifest loveThis is my second time around in this journey and WOW seems to be the only word that continues to come to mind.  It is all so very intense!  And I LOVE it!  Yes, I truly LOVE it.  If you were on this journey with me you would know that we must have LOVE in our heart and without this LOVE, the LOVE of all humankind, we will not be in harmony.  Folks we are all connected, everything, every cell on this planet, it is all alive!  Embrace it, LOVE it! ♥

“There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence or Luck♥

Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart♥

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Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart♥

“There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence or Luck!”


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My Master Key Experience

Wow! Let me tell you about my Master Key Experience!

I had actually attended 3 sessions with Mark J under the Go90Grow series. Each time I was determined to make it through the entire course, and each time I got closer and closer.

That may seem like failure to some, but let me tell you that was just the beginning.

Going deep with “Think and Grow Rich” gave me my spirit back and I was determined to be in control of my life again.

You see, I lost my son to suicide in May of 2005. Losing a child is like no other loss I have ever experienced. There is life before Cliff died, and now there is life after Cliff died.

While I will never be the person I once was, thanks to my Master Key Experience, my life is amazing!

I really wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to function in a normal manner again, I wanted to, but just couldn’t find what I needed to make this happen.

Yes, Go90Grow was the beginning, but being immersed into the amazing world within that the MKMMA Master Key Mastermind Alliance gave me was nothing short of amazing.

Is it a committment, you bet it is! You must really want change in your life. This program is not about being “Motivated”, or “Ra Ra” sessions. This is only about working on your “World Within”!

Learning to train your brain and being in charge of every step of your life!

You see, I was lost within, but that wasn’t working for me. I knew I needed more in order to bear the daily pain and struggle of losing a child. Now I am not going to tell you that I no longer have that daily struggle, because when you lose a child that daily pain and struggle will remain forever. What most people still don’t understand is that I do struggle daily. They think because I am doing so well, enjoying life and putting together my hearts desire that my son is never forgotten, that I am doing just fine. I fight every day to push forward and reach my dreams and ease the pain of the loss of my son. But this is the choice I make each and every day.

So how did the Master Key Experience help me with that? Oh my goodness, the Master Key Experience is the reason why I am able to face each day!

The experience has taught me how to start each and every day, sitting still, listening to my inner light….gaining my personal peace. You see we all have exactly what we need, it’s already inside us! We just have to be taught how to find it. Each and every one of us was born with exactly what we need to be amazing. To be God’s miracle! You just have to find that inner light, that inner peace, that burning desire within.

I promise you that once you truly know what your reason for being here is, you will never suffer again! Every choice you make in life will be easy. Because you know where you are going and you will only do what gets you to that destiny.

Quit feeling like a failure and experience this amazing journey along with me and hundreds of others!

Your life will never be the same!

See you on the inside!!!!

Cillas Master Key Experience

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Priscilla L. Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart♥  CillasMKMMA@gmail.com

There is no such thing as Luck, Chance or Coincidence! ♥

WEEK 17 ~ Permission

Such an interesting week indeed!

In our webinar this week, Mark J asked us if we had given ourselves Permission for Abundance. tree of abundanceAnd actually this could be replaced with anything you desire.  What is so interesting, is that this week I did experience the result of this permission.  I had already given myself permission, even though it was not a concious thought.

I have a story to tell about this, but before I do I really must give you some background first.  Stay with me folks 🙂

You see, I lost my son Cliff to suicide in May of 2005.  I had been in the Mortgage business for many years, and with the  crash in the market, and the loss of my only son, lets just say I was out of commission for several years.

I entered back into the mortgage business in February of 2012, almost 7 years after the loss of my son.  A lot had happened during those 7 years, and we had lost just about everything.  I got tired of all of the loss, and it was time to step up and take back my life, the life I desired.

So, since licensing had changed, I now, at the age of 50 was going to have to get yet another license.  It wasn’t as easy as it had been many years before, but I did it!  And so the path began.  Now one of my challenges was that the vehicle we had was older and had over 150k miles on it.  About a year after getting back into the mortgage business, my boss had a car that she was just a tad upside down on.  She could have very easily sold it and taken the hit, but she did an amazing thing for me, and she allowed me to take over payments.  What a gift that was for me! My credit at this point in my life was non existent.  So, I happily took over payments and finally had a reliable car we could actually travel in.  My original goal was to pay that car off in 12 – 18 months.  Unfortunately that did not happen.  And, it was weighing heavy on me that I had not yet gotten this car in my name and refinanced it.  I had been working hard to re-establish my credit but one thing after the other had kept me from accomplishing this goal.  Well, when I was on vacation a week or so ago, I had just told my friend Kelly that once I paid off my car, I was going to lease a Mercedes.  I knew this was way off into the future, but it was a real burning desire of mine.  So back to last week.  I had determined that by 1-16-2015 I had to get this car situation handled.  I had put everything credit wise into place, and I applied at a local credit union to refinance the car.  I was declined for the loan and was absolutely devastated!  And yet, this goal of mine had to be met.  I went online to our local Carmax and filled out an online inquiry.  A really nice gentleman called me and I told him everything the credit union had told me.  He advised me to take a look at the cars they had online, and once I had picked out  a car to give him a call and he would run it over the phone.  So I did, and guess what…..I found a cillas new carreally nice white Mercedes C300 Sport for $25k and it only had 29k miles on it.  So I called him back and he ran my credit……I was approved for the best financing they offered.  Hmmmm, chance?  I don’t think so….to top it all off, zero down!  I was going to trade in the car I had been making payments on, but my boss decided she would just take it back if that was okay with me. Such an incredible blessing for me indeed. ♥

Funny thing is, I have never in my life ever owned or desired to own a luxury car.  This was a first for me, and I now have it.  Of course now I have to pay for this car, but for once in my life I purchased a car after somebody else took the hit of depreciation!  Yahoo!Permission Granted

So yes, I have given myself permission to have and be whatever I desire in life.  And….I believe I will have it!  Without belief, you simply cannot obtain it.

As this week wraps up I am so very blessed to be on this amazing journey, and if any of you want to experience what I am, just reach out to me….I would love to share this with you anytime!

i am ready to attract abundance

There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence or Luck ♥

Priscilla L. Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart♥


WEEK 16 ~ Kindness ♥

Kindness……the focus of the week in our MKMMA journey this week.

kindness on the beach

You know, life tends to keep us busy worrying about mundane things.  We tend to focus on tasks, rather than on how to manifest our true desires.

Let me explain just a bit…..  If we focus on tasks, that is a reactive state, not one of building.  And, the truth of the matter is, if we are focusing on the right things, the tasks take care of themselves.

Now, I am not saying that I am perfect, nor do I think we should seek perfection.  What I am saying is that we should be very clear of what our hearts desires are….our true unique gift, our shining light within, and FOCUS on that!  Then, the little tasks that are no more than “busy work” simply happen.  We don’t even have to think about them.

Now, in regards to our FOCUS on KINDNESS this week…..can you imagine what might happen if you were to FOCUS on something like KINDNESS all week?  free hugs

Let me share with you an incident that happened to me this week, and how I am sure you will agree it would have gone very differently had I not been focused on KINDNESS!

I was at the gas station, filling up my car, needing to get to my destination of course.  I was at anarco gas machine Arco, and you know they have those machines that take your money and put it on the pump you choose?  Well here I was, putting in my money, and this old lady was standing right next to me, in “my personal space”.  I was annoyed, and turned and looked at her….of course I was annoyed with her for being in “my personal space”.  And then, she said to me “I have never done this before….I don’t know how to work this thing”.  At that very moment I was so ashamed of myself for getting annoyed, and I immediately shifted gears.  As soon as I was done with my transaction, I helped her all the way through the process.  She was so thankful, and I felt absolutely blessed to have had the opportunity to help her. ♥  It was not merely by chance that this happened….no, no no.  It was a blessing to us both.  How awesome is that!

Act of Kindness

So, I ask you……what will you focus on this week?  And how might that change the outcome of this incredible week ahead for you?  Do it!  And, Do it NOW!  🙂

There is no such thing as chance, coincidence or luck♥

Priscilla L. Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart♥


WEEK 15 ~ What do you focus on?

As the week comes to an end, I have to share an experience I just had last weekend.  I am a New Year’s baby, and one of my most favorite things to do for me,  is go camping in the desert.Cillas and Kelly at Mojave Desert Jan 2015  Since we had to get rid of our old trailer and truck several years ago, the opportunity to do this had not happened in a very long time.  However, we did get up very early on January 1st and head out to the desert!  Such an exciting time indeed.  That is until we had a little mishap.  You see, I have a very sensitive nose…..it is actually a curse.  I have learned over the years to just try and keep it to myself as those who know me best find this rather irritating.  When we first gathered in the motorhome in the afternoon, I smelled exhaust from the generator.  I of course let everyone know, and yet none of them seemed to be disturbed by it so I just wrote it off as my sensitive nose at it again.  We enjoyed our evening and went to bed.  I kept waking up and wishing that the smell would go away…..I remember hiding my head under my sleeping bag so I could breath.  I got up at about midnight or so and had a tummy ache.  My poor hubby had to go and fetch my Pepcid from the car in 19 degree weather.  I took one pill and nothing, then a second and still really no relief so I just went back to bed.  At about 6 am I had to get up and go to the bathroom, and while in the bathroom nearly passed out.  A wave of heat came over me and I barely made it to the front of the motor home.  I told my hubby that I really wasn’t feeling well at all and laid down on the couch.  Laying down seemed to help, but I still didn’t feel well.  The others began to wake and came into the front of the motorhome.  I explained I wasn’t feeling well and thought that perhaps I had developed an intolerance to champagne since that is the only thing I had consumed the evening before that might make me feel this way.  Then, as we were talking my girlfriend who was in the back of the motorhome made a very large couple of “thuds”!  I told her hubby, go see if she is OK!!  Well, she was not, in fact she had passed out and was out cold.  We all had a spike in adrenalin and hurried to get her out of the motorhome and into the fresh air.  It was now very clear to us all that we were experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning.  So, here I was with only my long underwear on, no socks because of the heat wave that had overcome me when I thought I was going to pass out, standing out in the now 21 degree weather.  It was touch and go there for a few minutes as to whether or not we were going to have to call 911.  My girlfriend, we will call her Kelly, finally came too and we were watching her like hawks.  campfire in the desertMy hubby started a fire so we could all stay warm and steered clear of the motorhome.  Of course we were all under the influence of this carbon monoxide, and certainly not on our “A” game, and just sat there, staring at the fire reflecting on what had just happened to us all.  My friend Kelly has a very sensitive system and so we were all very worried about her.  Finally at about 1pm we decided it was time to take a trip to town and buy carbon monoxide detectors and get a bite to eat.  I had started a new eating program on December 26th, but decided this was not the day to worry about a special diet.  I must tell you that was the best pizza I have ever eaten in my life! pizza factory in ridgecrest And, while we could have dwelled on the negative of this situation, I reminded everyone that everything happens for a reason.  While we may not ever know what that reason is, we must embrace the situation, learn from it, and know that this experience will most likely save other lives down the road, or at the very least impact somebodies life tremendously.  Kelly’s husband felt bad because he did have a detector in the motor home, but when in storage he removes the fuse because it drains the battery.  My words to him, “Do not feel bad, you will never forget to put the fuse back in again!”  This alone may be the very reason this happened.  Embrace all things, situations, trials, triumphs in your life with only positive thoughts!  It is a fact that you cannot have a negative thought and a positive thought at the same time.  In addition, what we think about GROWS!  So, choose to think only positive thoughts!  And then enjoy how your life is forever changed!

There is not such thing as chance, coincidence or luck♥.

Priscilla L. Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart♥


WEEK 14 ~ “Rudy”

Daniel EugeneRudyRuettiger (born August 23, 1948) is a motivational speaker who played college football at the University of Notre Dame. His early life and career at Notre Dame was the inspiration for the 1993 film Rudy.Rudy being carried back to the locker room

We were tasked to watch one of 4 movies this week.  It is so funny, but my husband and I had watched several movies during this holiday and here it is Sunday and now we need to watch another movie.  I know, I am easily amused, but we had watched a few movies already about “Football”, but for some reason I chose to watch the movie “Rudy”.

It is a movie, based on a true story about a young man who always wanted to attend Notre Rudy showing how much smaller his isDame and play on the football team.  Now, many things/obtacles were stacked against him.  For one, he didn’t have the grades to attend Notre Dame.  And, he was not a large guy, quite small actually in physical size.  But what Dan Ruettiger  lacked in physical size, he made up for in his shear will and determination to get his hearts desire.

When in his senior year a bus was there to take seniors to see the Notre Dame campus, Dan Ruettiger stood in line and when he got to the front of the line, the teacher would not let him on.  He was told that he would never have the grades to attend Notre Dame.

So, rather than giving up, he saved up money and took a bus to Indiana.  He had nowhere to stay, but he went right to the campus and spoke with the guard on duty.  The guard sent him to the church to speak with the priest.  The priest ended up telling him that if he went to the local community college and made grades, he would see if he could get him in.

I believe it took him 2 years if I remember correctly, and he got his chance to get in.  This was quite an amazing accomplishment all by itself, but that was not the end.  Dan Ruettiger had to play on the football team.  He walked on and trained and never ever gave up.  What some Rudy with letterman jacketthought of as a fluke, Dan got on the team as a Senior walk-on, but was thought to never have the chance to play.  Still, he never gave up.  He had befriended the grounds keeper and worked for him.  His friend back home had bought him a “Notre Dame” lettermans jacket from a thrift store many years before, and he had worn it long before he ever made it to Notre Dame.  He believed that he would reach his goal.  And even though he had all of the cards stacked against him, he still persisted on.

I really enjoyed watching this coach and how he mentored these young men.   One thing I noticed, was as the players were running out of the locker room, they would all tap on the signs on the wall referring to them as champions, winners!  (Ha, this is rudy and the groundskeeperexactly what one of our assignments are!  Our mind is an amazing tool that we seldom if ever tap into.)   And, the grounds keeper ended up to be his greatest motivator of all!  Dan Ruettiger almost gave up in the end.  Boy, he had surrounded himself with all of the elements that would keep him “in the game” so to speak.  Take a look at this video, where finally he got on the roster, but never ever did he think he would actually play…..it only meant he would stand on the side lines suited up.

Everyone on that team had watched him persist regardless of his size.  Seeing how huge his will and determination was……and in that last few plays of the game, the teammates and then the crowd were all chanting “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy”!  So, he not only got to play, but he actually sacked the quarterback in the last play of the game.


Here is a video I found that show the “real” Rudy Ruettiger walking you through the movie and I get chills as I watch it remembering the movie…..

This is such an example and inspiration to us all.  Do you have a burning desire?  Have you ever even asked yourself what your internal gifts are?  You are perfect just as you are, and your dreams, your burning desires are yours and yours alone.  Only you are the perfect “you”.  Don’t give up on your gifts, the world is waiting for you!  Dan  Ruettiger had to overcome so much to obtain his goals and now is a motivational speaker; does that surprise you at all?

Share with us!  Dig deep and find your inner light, your God given gifts!

There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence, or luck! ♥

Priscilla L. Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart♥

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WEEK 13 ~ Life after Loss

After losing my only son to suicide in May of 2005, Christmas and Mother’s Day have become a mom by the fire rememberingthe hardest times of my life.  Every day is tough, but it is near unbearable during these times.

Last year a new tradition was formed with my niece and nephew Janel and Zachary.

We spend the afternoon/evening together….we start with the movies and then go to dinner.  It is so perfect because it is as if we have the town to ourselves!  No crowds, and quality time together.  This year was no exception.  We brought along my mom this year, and had an amazing time!  We always start at xmas eve 2014 at the moviesthe movies, and of course they get to pick the movie.  So far it hasn’t been a movie I would go to myself, but I enjoy just being with them as they enjoy the movie.  Afterwards we headed for pizza.xmas eve 2014  Very yummy and had some great conversation as usual.  We dropped off grammy and headed to go race go carts…..oops!  They were closed; darn it!  But I manage to coax Zach into taking another pic with me…..Janel didn’t want any part of it!

xmas eve 2014 me and zach

Such an amazing day, and I had managed to do so well this year…..then, Christmas Day and Facebook.  Let’s just say that is not a good combination for me.  While I absolutely love seeing all of the festivities, it just makes it too hard on me.  It just reminds me that my son is no longer with me.  So, I went into diversion mode.  Now, some may not think that is a good thing, but I will tell you that I get through these tough days in any manner that I can.

So, my hubby and I watched movies all day.  You would think he might get some that were uplifting, happy, etc.  But no, he managed to get tear jerkers….lol  He knows what I like, and they were awesome movies, but come on with all of the tears already.  I have been a bit paralyzed since Christmas, but I have learned to allow myself this time to re group and seek strength in it.  So today, I am strong!  I am ready to make the changes in my life to get exactly what I want.  Nothing in the way of my success, and reaching all of my goals through my “DMP” (Definite Major Purpose)  It is so awesome to know exactly where I am headed, and therefore know whether or not something I want to do will fulfill this goal.  Makes life so much easier to manage.

Find your DMP and your inner gifts!  Share them with the world….they are waiting for you!  And, remember to have only LOVE in your heart ♥

There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence or Luck ♥

Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart♥