WEEK 2-3 Law of Dual Thought

While I love the Law of Dual Thought, this has been a tough week.  Dual thought allows us to attach any feeling to an experience,  situation, etc.  I absolutely love this and yet my old blueprint is getting in the Way!  I am the observer, and know exactly what is going on more than ever this session.

I am so “in tune” when I  do my daily sit, it is an experience that is very difficult to explain; it is utterly amazing!

And yet my stubby is fighting me harder than ever!!!

I am determined, and I will win; better yet…I am winning!

Chore cards, and blue rectangles were assigned this week.  I have struggled with these in previous  sessions, and this week was no different.  I am going to add a couple of more readings of the DMP and Chore cards until it is a new habit.  I know mastering this will bring amazing breakthroughs and perhaps is exactly what I need to chip away the cement of my old blueprint.

The Chore itself  was no problem,  in fact I was a bit obsessed to get it done.  Such an accomplished feeling to have my Chore done.  Isn’t this wall amazing?

So as the end of week 2 approaches, I am making adjustments so I can take advantage of every bit of this training!

I  am winning with the Law of Dual Thought ~ and the passion, the burning desire to succeed!

Remember,  there is no such thing as Luck, or Coincidence!

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