Week 1-3; Desire…do you have enough?

Week 1; the 3rd time around, our week is all about Desire.  And I have to ask….do you have enough Desire?

Why do I ask?  Well, let me tell you, when you are fighting your “old blueprint”, you must have a burning desire in order to conquer your “old blueprint”, and shape the new one you desire.

Even though I have been through this training twice before, it doesn’t change the fact that any portions of my “old blueprint” that I didn’t manage to replace are still there stronger than ever.  The only difference this time is that I know what it is.  So I don’t waste any time on making any excuses as I know it is just my “old blueprint” telling me I am too tired, or it isn’t necessary, etc, etc, etc.

This time around I know exactly what is going on and I nip it quickly.  Now I am not saying that it is easy, just that I already know what it is so I don’t give in.

Truth be told, this time around I am so much more aware….I am soaking it in and understanding so much more than the previous two times before.  So in that respect, it is somewhat easier because I am not fighting it consciously.  Oh my subby still tries to take over, but since I am aware, I just catch it quickly and adjust.  In fact, just today I was so tired this morning and had to leave the house before I was able to get my morning reading and sit in.  But that didn’t stop me from getting it done.  And, it was so much harder doing it later, that I am pretty sure that shouldn’t happen again.  Dang…..our subby’s are so tough!

But I am absolutely thrilled to be able to experience this once again, and I know with certainty that so many breakthroughs will happen.  I am so excited and filled with such a happiness looking forward to every day.  Because every day I learn something new and yet another step toward’s fulfilling my “Definite Major Purpose” in life is revealed!

One sentence that stuck with me this week is “Dreams are the seedlings of Reality”.  How cool is that?  There are so many other amazing phrases, etc. throughout this week’s lesson, I may have to sneak in a little more time with it next week.

Peace, Love and Prosperity to you all!  Until next week…..remember ~ There is no such thing as “Luck” or “Coincidence”!

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Priscilla L Brooks



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The Big secret is…..Law of Attraction is not a secret!

The Big secret is…..Law of Attraction is not a secret!

In fact, this is something you naturally manifest yourself. If you are having a bad day and are in a terrible mood, that is exactly what you will attract. Has this ever happened to you?  To take it yet another step further, have you ever experienced the turmoil all around you and then realize later that it is exactly what you thought would happen?  You can control this!  Believe what you want to achieve.

Now many people think that after reading the book “The Secret”, that you just The Big secret is.....Law of Attraction is not a secret! The Secretthink of what you want and miraculously you manifest what you want. I don’t know about you, but the first time I read that it seemed so silly, mysterious.  And for a very good reason. It doesn’t quite work that way!

The Big secret is.....Law of Attraction is not a secret! think and grow rich
Think and Grow Rich


While yet another book implies this ” Think and Grow Rich “, once you actually read the book you realize there is much more to it. 


We all have exactly what we need to achieve our destiny, our light/power within!

The problem is all of the noise that surrounds us.

The Big secret is.....Law of Attraction is not a secret! Noise
The Big secret is…..Law of Attraction is not a secret! Get rid of the Noise and see for yourself ♥

To tap into this power within and manifest all that we want, our true destiny, our hidden talents, all we have to do is to perform a daily 15 minute ” SIT”. That’s right!  Sit for 15 minutes daily, quiet, no thinking, just sitting absolutely still for 15 minutes taking control of our mind. Does this sound simple?  Try it!  I would love to hear your results. In fact this one daily habit has changed my life.

Find out what the true law of attraction is all about…. The answer is already within you

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Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart ♥

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There is no such thing as Chance, Coincidence or Bad Luck!

WEEK 15-2 Well Organized

We are beginning our “Franklin Makeover” this week, and my word/words for the week are “Well Organized”.

We were told to pick something we really wanted to achieve.  So, this was an easy choice for me.  I am constantly in search of getting “Well Organized”.

Hand tight….more to come♥

WEEK 14-2 “WILD”

Week 14, the second time around!  I remember last session I watched the movie Rudy for this weeks assignment.  So, I had watched all of the movies that were an option, but settled on the film “Wild”.

Its funny how I enjoyed this movie tremendously when I watched it in October, as an entertaining evening at home with my hubby.  But watching it this time brought me to a different level.  And I am glad that I had already watched it once before because it taught me a very valuable lesson.  I need to be the observer even more!

I ended up tardy with my posting of this weeks lesson because I couldn’t merely place a few words on the page.  I found myself so immersed with the entire experience this woman went through.  And though I absolutely loved the film, I had to know the person whose life experience this really was.  I had to fill in the little details that perhaps weren’t exciting enough for film.

So I continued my research on Cheryl Strayed, the woman who hiked the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) to find herself again, the person already inside of her, the woman she had lost along the way of life, grief and pain.

This story from the movie/book “Wild” is the result of Cheryl losing her mother to cancer…..while promised another year to live, she lives only 7 weeks.  Cheryl is pissed off!  At the world, at the doctors, at her mom.  Even though she knows her mom would have chosen to live, she is still angry.

Cheryl was in a spiral for several years, approximately 4 years of bad choices, drugs, men and a broken marriage.  It was at this breaking point in her life, that she decided she was going to hike the PCT and get her life back!  She worked extra hours at her diner job as a waitress, and every week would purchase a few new items for her gigantic pack she would later name “Monster”.

Without any real preparation at all, Cheryl leaves her life behind, sells most everything she owns, loads up her truck with what little she has left, and drives to Oregon and leaves her truck and the pre packaged boxes that will be mailed to her along the trail.

She begins this journey in Mojave, CA  Now, you may not be familiar with Mojave, CA, but it is a desert.  Very hot in the summer, and DRY!  Cheryl found this out very quickly.  As she was not able to get to her next water source as quickly as she had thought she would.

This journey would take her approximately 1,000 miles and would take her 95 days to complete.

Self talk kicks in…..”Remember you can quit anytime!”

She travels only 5 miles the first day…as she is setting up camp, more self talk….this time to her mother “I thought of you today….I hope you won’t be mad at me if I quit.”

As she hears noises outside of her tent this first night, yet again self talk….”I am not afraid!”

Day 2 she discovers that she has brought the wrong type of fuel which is needed for the dehydrated food brought for her trip.  So again, self talk….”Cold mush, cold mush, I will like and eat cold mush”.

Fast forward to Day 10, she is averaging only about 7 miles per day.  On the trail she runs across a rattle snake…..again, self talk “I am not hungry, I do not miss food!”  That evening while sleeping in her tent, she feels movement in her sleeping bag and thinks it is a snake, as she bolts out of the tent screaming, out crawls a little caterpillar.   Hmmm….thinking about something, having fear of something, focusing on it gives it power.  In this case the power made her actually believe there was a snake in her sleeping bag.  Perhaps there were many things she simply was not prepared for.

Throughout this journey, Cheryl continues to reflect on the very painful moments of her life.  As the moment when she decided to make this journey, she is “Walking herself back to the woman her mother thought she was.”

Day 14 she hits her first stop “Kennedy Meadows” which marks 100 miles she has traveled.


Stay tuned…..I will continue on with this post and bring it full circle….such an amazing story!

WEEK 13-2 Gratefulness ~ Really?

As I get through Week 13, I must say this week is a bittersweet one for sure♥  And yet, it is also so Perfect!

This is the week of Christmas, and we are to focus on at least 3 things per day we are grateful for.  be grateful

Christmas Day and Mother’s Day are the toughest days by far for me.  After losing my only son to suicide, and after 10 years, these are still a challenge.

I have come so far on my grief journey, and I think each and every year that it will be better.  In fact, this year has been an incredible year for me.  But yet still, I am emotional to say the least during these times.

So this week could not be more perfect in timing.  Keeping my focus on being Grateful for at least 3 things per day has a profound effect.  We all take so many be grateful 2things for granted.  Just like all of the little successes throughout the day, we also have many little things to be grateful for.  If you aren’t sure this is true, try imagining life without something you enjoy.  Like the nice car in the driveway, the husband who makes your coffee every morning, or how about the fact that you have a job.

While it was yet another tough Christmas Day for me, I focused on watching movies and spending the day with my hubby, diverting my attention, and we get through another Christmas ♥

I am so incredibly Grateful for this MKMMA experience, and how my life is so very different than it could be.  And even though neither am I perfect in my daily actions or in my persistence, I am far better than I was last year and most definitely prior to that.  And so I am persistent, I know my passion, I embrace it and I continue to work on ways to bury new habits deep into my subby, knowing who I am and what can derail my great focus and intentions.

Be blessed my friends with all of the “little things” to be grateful for and see what happens!you are perfect stone

Great each and every day with love in your heart ♥

Priscilla L. Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart♥

“There is no such thing as Luck, Coincidence or Chance!

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WEEK 12-2 Tough week for me

Week 12, the week building up to the holidays, the week I finalize the video I will present to all who have lost a child.

The Annual Candle Lighting Ceremony is on Sunday December 13th and it takes many hours for me to put the online presentation that I have now done for the past 4 years

It is actually bittersweet.  It helps me as I give this to all who feel the pain of the loss of a child a I do….if only I help ease just a bit of the pain for just one mother….that is beautiful ♥

I have been listening to Joyce Meyers this week, and so many thoughts going on in my head.

Many things she mentions I am already doing…..Awesome!  And then there are things she says that gives me some meaningful Ah-Ha moments♥  And what is so beautiful about these moments is God always gives me an opportunity to share with someone needing to hear the very words I have heard.  I cannot put into words how special that truly is.

I have shared my video below….it is just a link as You Tube will not allow me to host there because of the music on this video.  I always put in my description that this video is one that is for families grieving the loss of a child, and I in no way benefit financially from it.  But they block me.  Share it with someone you know who may be suffering the loss of a child as well.  The holidays are the toughest I can assure you.  Much love to you all! ♥

Cliff’s Story, Inc.  2015 Online Candle Lighting Ceremony