Week 5 – 4 Give More Get More

Give More Get More

This is the week where we finally get to spill our guts and not be confined to writing only 400 words of our DMP~Definite Major Purpose

We do this via our “Press Release”.  That’s right…..a future interview in the form of a “Press Release”.  You can click on the Press Release tab on my blog to see mine.

We focus on FEELING this week, pushing it deep into the subby.  Learning how to charge our emotions and thereby creating connections to these feelings in our subby.

This entire journey is not for the weak, no no no…in fact, many have already quit the course.

We begin our PIF (pay it forward) for next years class this week, and many just do not understand the importance of this gesture.  Quite frankly, all of the knowledge we have already received up to this point is worth more than the entire PIF to scholarship someone for next year.

Give more Get more

That which we wish to receive, we must give away.  So if you want more love in your life, you must give it as well.  So you see, do not give anger, hate, jealousy, unless you want more of that in your life.

I have made it through the week, better than the week before, but still not 100% Sorry Mark J…..but I can be what I will to be!  I WIN!

So grateful to have not given in to the very tough few weeks I have been through.  In fact, in accordance with being the observer, I look back to my session last year…..what was I doing?  I was taking care of my mom was fighting cancer, and working full time as well as attending this journey.  So why am I struggling so hard this week?  Not sure, but what I do know is that it has been a tough year of “firsts” after losing my mom, but I chose to be in this session.  I knew it was going to be tough….I knew that there would be many obstacles to overcome, but this is what I want.  So I suck it up and get it done!

Grateful to still be here…..and looking forward to an even better week next week.  I think there may be some shapes involved….FUN!

Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart

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Week 4 – 4 This is 100 percent Week

This is 100 percent Week!

As Mark J tells us, this is the week you are either 100% in or you are 100% out.  He actually says every one quits this week.  They either quit the class, or they quit doing only 75 , 80, 90% and go all in.  And I have been observing myself, and I am still not quite sure what caused my reaction to this week.

I am absolutely 100% not a quitter….on any day of the week.  That being said, observing myself this week, I am struggling terribly.  And yet I know this.  So that is the first step they say, realizing an issue so you can then fix it?  I guess.

I actually even struggled with sleeping….started doing mind numbing activities……all of which was avoidance.  And it is powerful my friends.

Could it be that I am so darn close to cracking the cement?  This isn’t my first session, in fact it is number 4, but perhaps this is the year for the HUGE breakthrough?

It is so crazy, I cannot say that I haven’t done the requirements because I forgot, no no no, in fact I am completely aware that I am not doing them and simply don’t do them.

Now, being out of town and away from home for about 12 days, still working remotely, etc  does take its toll on me, but goodness, I have to figure this out because this should not stop me, nor will I ever let it stop me from getting exactly what is my heart’s desire.  Nothing is worth never getting what I desire so deeply.

So I wish I could report all of the amazing triumphs I had this week, but there were none worth mentioning,






Stay with me folks as you witness something miraculous

Until next week…..

Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart
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Week 3 – 4 New Life is Born

Week 3 – 4 New Life is Born!

New Life both myself an also my new granddaughter Jayden  I experienced such an amazing week, and such a sense of connection.

I arrived after a 7 hour delay in Boise ID at 12:30 am; awaiting the birth of Jayden.  Melissa hadn’t actually gone into labor, and I had purchased airline tickets estimating when our precious Jayden would arrive.  I gave myself a 2 week window.

On Wednesday, Melissa did actually go to work for a couple of hours, but then came home.  We went downtown so I could go to my lash company Red Aspen, and then to have an idea where the hospital was where Jayden would be born.  I had so much fun meeting everyone at Red Aspen♥  I had completely forgotten that even though I didn’t win the incentive trip, I won a pair of the exclusive “Happy Birthday” lash to celebrate Red Aspen’s one year in business.  So instead of having to wait for them to come in the mail, I was able to get them that very day!

We also attended an Open House of a new office of Melissa’s company, so I got to meet several people she works with.  They all thought she wouldn’t deliver until possibly the next week, but I was certain she was going to go into labor sooner.

Thursday morning, we woke, had coffee and chatted….it was a special time, and I told both Melissa and Nick that she would be having Jayden that day or the next at the latest.  Nick said, or the next, or the next….lol  I was certain she would come when predicted.    Not long after, Melissa’s water broker and they were headed to the hospital.  And sure enough, our little Jayden was born Friday morning at 12:35 am

So a new life has also been born in me.  What am I talking about?  Well you see, I was so connected.  I had the true belief, and it is so hard to explain, but there was absolutely no question in my mind.  This has created a new birth within me that is simply amazing!  I know this incredible feeling of connection within all things now….I have just experienced it.

I also know how to take this new life and manifest all that I need in life.  My Personal Pivotal Needs.  No more thinking as I once did, like most of the universe thinks now.  Not believing they will get what they truly desire, not believing it is even possible.  No…..I know all of my PPN’s are not only within reach, but they are destined

So as I begin this day, the end of week 3, I am a new woman…..they do not recognize me as I am today.  But here I come…..my destiny awaits and I am ready for it all

Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart

Week 2-4 Subby and Silence

Week 2-4 Subby and Silence

I have definitely made some breakthroughs this week!  Boy has it been a challenge.  It is so interesting how tough it can be to break the cycle of what the subby thinks is good.  But we have spent years proving that our habits are good and that we should do them at all cost.  So  really we shouldn’t be surprised at just how tough it is to change a habit that the subby is protecting so strongly.

I have always had a challenge with reading.  Not sure why….after all I buy books all of the time.  Crazy that someone would buy books all of the time even when they are not a “reader”.  I don’t know why I do it.  My point is that doing my daily readings of the scrolls has always in the past 3 sessions, been a challenge for me.  And this time around it isn’t any different.  Well, the challenging part isn’t different, but what is different is my burning desire.

I have always had my DMP very clear in my mind, but the burning desire part was one that perhaps wasn’t as burning as I thought it was.  I say this because while I always wanted many things to be different in my life, I hadn’t actually made the change in habits to make that happen.

This time around, my burning desire is that even though I lost my only son Cliff to suicide in May of 2005, I will be a grandma any day now  That is a story in and of itself, but let’s just say that when you have grieved for years about not only the loss of your only child, but also that you would never be a grandma, being blessed with my little Jayden is all I can think about.

I must make changes in my life.  You see, she lives in Boise ID and I in California.  I am leaving next Tuesday to travel to Boise ID in the hopes that while I am there over the 2 weeks I am in Boise ID, she will be born and I can spend some quality bonding time with her.  I actually picture rocking her in her bedroom in the quiet dark room, and her Grandma Sarah, my dear friend to whom we lost to cancer in 2011, is present with us

The thought of leaving her is already breaking my heart and I haven’t even met her yet.  I must get everything in place so I can replace my day job with a business that gives me the ability to travel.  I will not miss the only opportunity I will have to experience the joy of being a grandma

So as I pushed myself harder and harder this week, it was so upsetting that I was still struggling to get my daily sit in….and there was always something that would keep me from doing my readings.  And then, it finally clicked within me.  You see, I know from experience that everything is in the silence.  And yet I wasn’t doing my daily sit and readings.  But I broke through!  I got a sit in and wept as so much was revealed to me.  My wish, my new obsession was to do this daily sit no matter what.  A few days it didn’t actually happen in the morning, but I got it in during the day.  Which is so funny, because in the past any or all of my missed readings were actually at the noon hour.  I work crazy and non stop and this was my excuse in the past.  Well no longer.  Some days my readings didn’t happen until almost the end of the day, but it was after my meal/lunch and I got it in.

I am so thrilled to have achieved these observations and also broken through the subby controlling my actions.  I know this is not a time to get relaxed.  In fact I must continue to press on.  I know that everything I need, want, desire, is in the silence.  So I have made it an obsession, one that I absolutely cannot miss!

Much more is becoming clear as to how and what I need to do to fulfill this immediate need to replace my current day job.  I am good at what I do, and love the people I work with.  But it has served its purpose to me and it is time to move into the next chapter of my life.

How could I not be completely thrilled to have such an awareness…..it gives me new energy and the push I need to get through each and every day without doing something to move me closer to this achievement.

I am so blessed to be on this journey, and only wish more of my friends and loved ones would hop on board and get all they want out of life as well

Onto the next week of this amazing journey…..so fun to share it to the world as I make it through to the next breakthrough

See you all next week!

Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart

Week 1-4 And so it begins MKE Master Key Experience

And so it begins, another Master Key Experience session

As I reflect back to last years session in particular, I cannot help but think about what I was doing at the time.

My mom was battling cancer and I was her caretaker.  I have experienced many firsts since we lost her to cancer in December last year 2017, and this is yet another one.

I miss her quite often, and I remember telling her everyday when I would get her to my office, that I had to do my homework in the morning and needed just a little quiet time 🙂

I am so thankful I had the time, well actually I didn’t have the time, but I made the time to spend it with my mom and support her as best I could.

And now, a new session, after a LIVE Master Key Experience event in Kauai and things are so amazing.  Of course I knew they would be, otherwise I would not be repeating for the 4th time

I am so thankful for this course and all of the amazing people involved.  I am working on my subby a bit more, and I am so much more observant than I have been in the past sessions.  I almost didn’t repeat again as life is quite crazy for me right now, but I know because of this course, that this is just my old blueprint trying to take over.

Exciting things are to come, and I am working on building an addiction to conquering my old blue print so it is in line with my passion, my Definite Major Purpose (DMP), my Dharma

Until next week~

Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart

Master Key Experience – Nothing Like It – Scholarship Only

Master Key Experience – Nothing Like It – Scholarship Only

Whose joining me?

I recently traveled to Kauai, HI to train with these amazing people.  If you didn’t follow my journey on Facebook, take a look here====>  My Kauai Adventure 

You cannot buy your way into this course…..you must earn a scholarship!  Join us now and find your true destiny, your definite major purpose in life!  I dare you!


Time to find your true purpose…..this is the best way to do it.

Want to Join us for the next session’s class?

We open enrollment again in September, 2018 .

Check out here how to join our next session, I hope you will be joining me!


Some Scientific Evidence…

One of the things I loved about the MKMMA Course is how everything taught is backed up with scientific evidence. Facts, not fiction. Reality not hype. When you’re building a toolbox of skills for personal development, it helps to know it’s been proven that they work. The best part? They continue to work LONG, LONG, LONG after the course is over too. [They include some really great extra bonuses for professional development too!]

There’s 2 additional videos below which verify what Charles Haanel wrote about in 1912. It’s actually scientifically accurate that you and I, and everybody, predetermines their achievement level based on chemical addictions we have in our
body. Shocked? I sure was! But, it’s not a question of whether or not it’s true. So, check out these videos along with the blogs we mentioned earlier to see what others have discovered and what you can discover too with a scholarship in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.

Your life will never be the same….let me know if you have any questions 🙂

Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart
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Week 7-3 Movie Poster

Week 7-3 Movie Poster version of my DMP; this is an exciting week.  Well it would be if I hadn’t decided to completely redo my DMP.   That isn’t entirely what happened, but lets just say that so many things had changed in my life since starting this session of MKE that it was Disjointed.  Yes, so I dug deeper and made the necessary changes, making sure everything important to me was still there.  Now I have to find a way to shrink it down to just 400 words.

I usually take my time to ponder, and really think about this.  This is my life we are talking about, and I need to get it right!

So Movie Trailer version and Movie Poster will be done this week coming up instead.  And you know what, that’s okay.  I am at peace about this because honestly there were some real changes that were extremely necessary.  And they weren’t small at all!  Ha!  So I am excited again…looking forward to the challenge of getting this done, redoing the shapes I had already done based on my previous version of my DMP, and plugging into Week 8.

I will tell you, even though I have been held back a little bit while I got my DMP right, I am thrilled to be where I am at.  Change is constant.  I didn’t used to like change….honestly I still don’t.  But I have learned to embrace it, learn from it, knowing that with changes, I am that much closer to my true Bliss

I look forward to sharing my new Movie Poster down the road with you…..it will be done this week and I will see how it fits into my sharing with you next week.  It just might be what speaks to me.  For now, you can take a look at a previous Movie Poster of mine.  It is my Featured Image above.  So fun to see what was and know the new changes that have revealed themselves!  Change is Good!

Have an amazing week, I know I will

Follow your Bliss, your Dharma, your Compass

Blessings and Love to all

Let’s Connect!

Priscilla L. Brooks



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Week 6-3 Shapes and Feelings

Week 6-3  Shapes and Feelings; this is round 3 for me with the MKE and I must say some things never change.

This exercise is crucial, I already know this.  And yet, I struggle with getting this done.  OMG….why oh why do I get stuck here every single time?

I am really not sure, but what I do know is that I WILL get through this.  It is non-negotiable.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, let me just take a quick minute to give you a quick visual.

We have prepared our DMP (Definite Major Purpose), and 2 PPN’s (Personal Pivotal Need).  And for each of our PPN’s and also smart goals of our DMP we assign a shape and color.

So for me my PPN’s are Legacy and Liberty.  Legacy is a Red Circle; and Liberty is a Blue Rectangle.  





One of my Smart Goals is accumulating 40 rental properties fully paid for and I have assigned Green triangles for this.

The last shape is a Yellow Square…..I assign this as my inner light….my solar plexus and I am assigning the Yellow Square to obtaining my personal residence in Clovis CA

I haven’t owned a home since 2007.  And yet, my home is my sanctuary.  Not sure why I wasn’t ready before, but that doesn’t really matter.  What matter’s is that I am ready now and nothing will get in the way of this.  So yes, it is my light, my solar plexus.  It will give me the peace that I crave

I will tell you that I have a deep passion for each of these, otherwise they would not be on my DMP.

Soooo, I plug through this struggle.  I may not do it perfect and in the same time frame as everyone else, but I will get it done.  I am not going to stop.  I continue to make small improvements and get closer and closer to where I am to be

Thank you for taking the time to follow my journey, I am so humbled that you care about me.

I love you all!

Follow your Bliss, your Dharma, your Compass

Blessings and Love to all

Let’s Connect!

Priscilla L. Brooks



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WEEK 5-3 Life and Choices

Week 5-3  Life and Choices!

This has been many of both for me this week.  You see, this Master Key Experience is my 3rd time around.  Third time and most powerful time indeed.

Even though the distractions, the old blueprint, the Life challenges of which I do not have control of; still the need to Win is greater than my old blueprint.

It may be hard for some of you to understand what I mean by “blueprint”, but let me try briefly.  A “blueprint” is that which creates who we are much like a blueprint to build a bridge.  Yet our “blueprint” can be altered.  Because our “blueprint” is made from what we have not only experienced in life, but also what we have fed our subby (sub-conscious).  It is strong!  And Powerful!  Even against our own “conscious” desires.

So, while my challenges this week have been great, many of them are from choices I have made.  Good or bad, they are still my choices and I made them.

My mom having cancer, or the fact that she ended up in the hospital for the past 4 days I cannot control.  Was it a factor in my week being tough?  Sure it was.  But everything else was due to choices I made.  I choose to take on caring for my mom and working full time.  I choose to pursue more than what my “day job” gives me.  But what I was forgetting or missing, was that there was more “fat” to cut.  My old blueprint had diverted to coping with life, doing things that were not serving my “Definite Major Purpose”.

I must thank Mark J for lovingly sharing this with me…..the choices part.  I am stubborn, and tend to not trust so I am thankful there is someone on this planet that understands what I am going through right now and can then get through to me.  Thank you Mark J♥  You are a true Blessing to me

So just know that we all have “Life” to live and the curve balls that come our way.  What matters is the choices we make.  Because after all, we have free will.  Blaming our circumstances or situation is giving in to never changing them.  If you are fine with that so be it.  If not, take a deeper look like I did and make some choices

Follow your Bliss, your Dharma, your Compass

Blessings and Love to all

Let’s Connect!

Priscilla L. Brooks



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WEEK 4 – 3 Law of Abundance

Week 4 ~ Law of Abundance

Ahhhh, Law of Abundance!  A popular one for sure.  But do we really know the meaning of this Law?

As I look back in my notes, I only see The Law of Abundance in one paragraph, and yet this is my focus for the week.

Perhaps it is because I pray for it often, “Abundance” that is  That and Favor  So of course this is already on my Radar so to speak.

To help further explain, this Law of Abundance I crave, I must share more.

More in fact about “Peptides”!  And what we learned about them this week.

We learned in fact how feelings create these peptides and thus we are then addicted to feeding these peptides.  So, lets think about this for just a moment.  We know that where we are, what we have etc is created by Choices, correct?  So we must get our “choices” in line so that we are in control of attaching the “feeling” we want which then feeds/creates these peptides.  Heavy I know, but we must get this right if we are to create this life of “Abundance”!  However, we must be clear what “Abundance” truly is?  If we are not careful, we may fulfill this “Law of Abundance”, but with the wrong thing.

So, I learned this week that perhaps I was not, or have not been clear about this “Abundance” I wish to have.  For in fact, I have been Abundant, but not with what I wish to be Abundant with!  Let this be a lesson learned for me, and now hopefully for you, that we must be very clear what we want.  We must be very detailed with what our desires are.  What our feelings are, and what we will do to achieve them are key!

What does “Law of Abundance” mean to you?

Remember, there is no such thing as Luck, or Coincidence!

Follow your Bliss, your Dharma, your Compass

Blessings and Love to all

Let’s Connect!

Priscilla L. Brooks



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